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When to visit Split

Updated: Aug 7, 2020

Many of our guests are wondering when to visit Split, Croatia. It is a great question and to answer that properly and truly we would have to say, it depends on what you value the most and how flexible you are with your travel time.

If you like warm to hot temperature, swimming, beaches and want to enjoy the pristine Adriatic, then June to September is the time to come. The Adriatic usually ranges from 20 to 26 Celsius (68-78F) from June to September, which makes it refreshing, but not cool for most people.

However, if this is not your main preoccupation, but you would want to experience the cultural and historical aspects of Croatia, than doing so in 40 Celsius (104F) heat, may not be the best option. Early mornings up to 10am and late afternoons after 5.30pm would be the best times to explore the Old Town and do a tour, but the rest of the time you will be looking for ways to cool off. Relaxing in a bar by the beach or restaurant would be a good option or enjoying the sea is a good way to spend a hot afternoon. There will be no shortage of sunshine, that much you can rely on. For people who want to enjoy culture, history or nature the best time would be in order: October, September, April, May. The reasoning for this arrangement would be a combination of expected weather(chance of rain and average temperature) and number of visitors. If you want to live like a local, get familiar with the locals and feel one with the community. Then November to March is the best time to come. The pros: the locals will have a chance to rest from the season, you will be one of few guests and the locals will show a much higher interest in you, the prices will be much cheaper, there will be no crowds. The cons: less connections, less events, less open restaurants. However, thecafes and bars will still be open, as well as the restaurants that the locals love, so no risk of walking into a tourist trap. Weatherwise: the worst time to visit is January, whereas early November and especially late March tend to be quite pleasant. Final summation, most people do not have a luxury of choosing when to come to Split. If you have any flexibility we hope that this article will give you insight on what to expect and make the best choice for your trip. Regardless of when you decide to visit us, we are certain you will be extremely satisfied with our fascinating city. Split is a city for all seasons, it just depends on what you truly want.

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