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What to do in Split? - Top 10 list

Updated: Jul 18, 2020

What is the first thing that you can think of when we say "Split, Croatia"? Long promenade, sunny beaches, historical sites and smiling locals are just few of the characteristics that can be attributed to this beloved city of ours. When planning their trip to Croatia, a lot of people contact us wondering how many nights they should spend in Split and our answer is always the same: "As many as you can, as you will surely not be disappointed!". Seeing that Split is the second biggest city in Croatia and the main port, people usually stay for 3, 4 nights and then keep on going with their Croatian journey. Here is the list of the things to do when you find yourself in Split and you don't want to miss a single bit of it: 1. Explore Diocletian's palace:

Constructed in the year of 305 AD, Diocletian's Palace is a true example of the Roman architecture, located in the heart of today's Split. Famous as a place where the ancient meets the modern, many tourists remain shocked by the fact that some of the locals still live in the palace! Since it is well preserved, you can easily visualize what is used to be like more than 17 centuries ago. Some of Split's most famous sites and buildings are located inside of it, such us: the Cathedral of St. Domnius, the Basements (nowadays known as the Dragon Chambers - Game of Thrones fans will understand the reference), the Temple of Jupiter, the bell tower. Furthermore, do not forget to walk around it and explore the medieval part surrounding it to get a full picture. Walk along Riva and Western promenade, soak in the beauty of the Old Town and have a cup of coffee, as the locals usually do! 2. Climb to the First viewpoint on Marjan Hill and take some breathtaking photos:

Just next to the viewpoint you will find a cafe' where you can have a million dollar view. Additionally, be sure to visit the Jewish cemetery form the 16th century, which is just next door. 3. Visit the Gallery of Ivan Mestrović and the Archaeological museum:

If you are overwhelmed by museums that take hours to go through, than you will find this one to be quite the delight. The small and compact Archaeological museum will mostly cover the earliest known history in the area starting with the Greeks and continuing into the rise of Early Christianity of the 4th century AD. Incredibly well preserved sarcophagi detailing the Roman way of life, thinking, epic scenes and familiar tales of Hippolythus and Phaedra, Parting of the Red Sea and many more. If you are a history buff, we are certain you will love it. If you are not, you will change your mind after this museum. The Ivan Mestrovic Gallery is similar in its simplistic approach. The monumental building houses some of Mestrovic’s most famous works in a way that you are never overwhelmed by the content. You don’t need to be an art expert to enjoy Mestrovic, and his themes inspire people to create ideas of their own. “Stop, think and wonder” is the common theme in all of Mestrovic’s awe-inspiring work. We would not recommend to take a tour of this gallery alone, as the most rewarding part of this visit is sharing insights and debating about the meaning of this art and in the process learning something new about your companion(s) and yourself. 4. Go to the beach: Sandy, pebble, rocky, secluded - you just name it, Split has them all! The most famous and frequently visited beach is definitely Bacvice and it is one of few sandy beaches, therefore, quite popular among the tourists. If you get there and see the locals throwing themselves all over the place trying to prevent a small ball from falling down, play along! Tourists call it "crazy Croats chasing a small ball", we call it "picigin". On the other hand, if you are not a big fan of sand, visit Kasjuni Beach located at the foot of the southern slope of the hill Marjan. P.s. most of the Croatian beaches are rocky, so it would be wise to bring swimming shoes. 5. Visit National park Krka: Just an hour away from Split, change the city rustle with the peace and tranquility found only in nature. National park Krka is a nice blend of scenery and history. Soak in the natural beauties, admire the waterfalls, learn about the people living in the area and take a swim close to the waterfalls. This is a not-to-miss opportunity. By the way, remember tip no 4 - bring your swimming shoes. 6. Go to the charming medieval island-town of Trogir:

This picturesque town is UNESCO protected and was founded by the Greeks more than 23 centuries ago. Although this place dates from ancient times, it is recognizable due to its astonishingly well-preserved medieval construction. Wherever you go, you will find yourself surrounded by the churches and medieval palaces reminding us of the nobility of Trogir. Trogir has many nicknames: "the Croatian Venice", "the city of nobility", "the town of the happy moment" and only if you visit Trogir will you discover the reasons why this island-town carries those nicknames. 7. Island-hopping from Split: Seeing that Croatia has more than 1000 islands, we understand that it could be a little bit difficult to choose which to visit. Brac, Hvar, Vis, Solta are just some to recommend and they are easily reached from Split. PS: check the ferry and catamaran schedule here. 8. Visit "the city of Meeren" a.k.a. the fortress of Klis:

As a true Game of Thrones fan you should definitely check this one out. Although this fortress used to be the last line of defense during the time of the Ottoman invasion (16th century), nowadays many people recognize it as the place where the shooting of Game of Thrones took place. P.S. Wear good walking shoes. 9 Explore the ruins of Salona:

This is the place where it all started. Salona is a cradle of the Roman civilization on the Adriatic. Hadn't it been for Salona, we wouldn't have Diocletian's Palace nowadays. Colonia Martia Valeria Salona Felix a.k.a Salona, was the capital of the Roman province of Dalmatia, the main port and the place where more than 60 000 people lived. Imagine having a place filled with 60 000 people in ancient times! Remarkable, isn't it? Salona is nowadays just a vestige of a glorious city with all the typical Roman characteristics and features that you are going to discover along the way. 10. Omis and Cetina:

When you hear "piracy", what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Vandals, thieves, outlaws? Although piracy is globally frowned upon, it is highly celebrated in Omis. People of Omis even organize "the pirate games" during the summer nights: they dress up as pirates, sail out on their fishing boasts, fight against their arch nemeses, the Venetians (portrayed by the locals who unwillingly accepted that role), and pretend to sink their ships. Strangely enough, they even have to walk the plank! If that is not a reason enough to visit Omis, maybe its scenery will make you change your mind. Founded next to the river Cetina and locked in by the mountain Biokovo, Omis offers some amazing views.

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