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Getting around in Zadar

Updated: Jul 18, 2020

Figuring out the public transportation in any city can be challenging and time-consuming, but do not worry: We are here to help! Zadar has a nice system of public transportation via bus, but there are also plenty of affordable taxis and Ubers at your disposal. Cruise ship arrivals:

1. Your cruise ship arrives in the old town port and the second you get off the gangway you are in the old town - you have not benefited from this article, but good news you don’t need any kind of transportation.

2. Your cruise ship docks in Gazenica(new port). If this is the case, then walking is out of the question and you will be glad that you have gone through this article as it might save you a pretty penny.

a) Public bus: the public bus tickets can be purchased with the bus driver(cash only, Croatian kunas.) the price is 10 kunas for a one-way ticket. Once you leave the customs terminal building wrap left around the building and you will find a cafe in front of which is the bus stop where bus no.9 will take you to the main bus station. Depending on the season, bus no.9 might even go all the way to the center(old town), but if you are less lucky you will have to switch to bus no.2 or no.4 in order to get to the old town. Once you get to the final station the bus will do a 180° turn and that is your cue to leave. You will find large ramparts on your left as you are entering the peninsula, and once the bus does the turn, the ramparts are on your right and are 4 steps away from the bus stop. Enter the ramparts from any of its many gates. Follow the link to get to the local bus-line's website(in English), which also offers a map with routes.

b) Uber: your Uber app should work just as it does back home as long as you have Internet. The price per vehicle that can have up to 4 passengers is roughly 5-7 euros. The destination address should be Istarska obala 4, Zadar, Greeting to the Sun.

c) Taxi: the taxi drive from the new port to the old town will vary greatly depending on who you run into; ranging from 10 to 200 euros. Negotiating the price prior to starting the ride is highly advisable, most taxis only do cash and be certain to ask what kind of currency they accept as a payment.

d) Your cruise ship may offer a shuttle bus to the old town. This service is usually not included in your cruise price and it may cost from 10 to 30 euros per person depending on the cruise ship.

Our suggestion: take an Uber if you have the Internet (there is even a port hot spot, which sometimes doesn’t work too well), take a taxi if you have good negotiating skills and patience or take a bus if you want a bit of an adventure. Take a shuttle bus if you do not trust our suggestions and believe that the cruise ship has your best intentions(and not money) in mind :D. Bus/train arrivals: If you are ariving to Zadar via bus or train, you end up on the main bus terminal("Zadar main bus terminal" on Google Maps or Arriva Bus Tickets Zadar if you have a less detailed map of Zadar) in either case and from there on you have pretty much the same options as mentioned above: public bus, uber or taxi. Airport arrivals: for public bus the following site offers a pretty detailed map and time schedule, but to sum it up 1-way ticket: 25kunas (cash only, kunas only) pick up spot: airport, when you leave the airport just walk a few feet to your right. 1st stop: New port 2nd stop: Main bus terminal 3rd stop: Old town We wish you a great time in Zadar and if you need any help or suggestions feel free to ask in the comments below and we will try our best to give you a best route to your destination in Zadar.

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